Wednesday, October 27, 2010

27th - Birds, Pigs & Me

Let me start by saying how wonderful you all are.  I am so glad Stuart has so many friends!

Thank you to Susan Bell, Courtney Lyons and Cheryl Johnson for watching our children over the last few days. 

Thank you to the Cohns, Freemans, Haynes, Hetzels, Kerrins, Rullers and my Mom for providing copious amounts of wonderful food.  Everyone has helped me put a few pounds back on, although they seem to be in the wrong places.  I asked specifically for biceps, not love handles. 

A special thank you to Brian and Sarah Thompson for not only bringing us food, but introducing us to the seductive world of slow cooker chocolate cake.  Only in the South people...only in the South.

The last few days have all been very good physically.  I would rate them each a 7 or 8 out of 10.  I continue to take extra Prilosec OTC for stomach pain / heartburn, which continues to be my chief compliant.  Other than that (and the dwindling cancer), I am in "ship shape".  Tomorrow (Thursday) is my second treatment and believe it or not I am looking forward to it.  I think it is the simple fact that my parents raised me to equate pain with gain.

There is one more special thank you that I have to give here and it lends itself to my story.  My wonderful teammates at Bank of America (too many to list here) chipped in and bought me a very "pimped out" iPad, pre-loaded with their favorites Apps, Books, TV Shows, Movies, etc.  My favorite App by far is "Angry Birds", where you become addicted to flinging birds with a slingshot at the pigs who have stolen their eggs (which has made them...wait for it...angry!).  In the last few days, this game has become my metaphor of choice.  Follow me now...the birds are the chemo, the pigs are the cancer and tell me that the house below doesn't look like my chest...

Wish me luck tomorrow...bring on the birds!!!

You can see the white bird on the right of the picture...working hard to kill one of the cancerous pigs...