Friday, October 15, 2010

15th - The New Normal

Many of you have heard the phrase "the new normal".  It has been overused many times in the media over the past few years and I heard it a lot lately related to my condition.  The theory is that I will find a rhythm or pace to my life during this treatment.  As today is only "day 2" (common nomenclature for the first day after chemo), I will not pretend that I am anywhere close to the new normal.  Stuart will be glad to hear it after witnessing my day.

So how did I feel?  Generally pretty good.  A few common side effects not worth mentioning, although I will give special recognition to my burning feet...who knew?  Good thing I bought the lotion.

I did work for a couple hours and took a walk around the neighborhood for about an hour.  Other than those three, the rest of the hours in my day were spent on the Internet trying to get my head around what I read in my pathology report yesterday.  I will no doubt get past it and move on.

One of my college roommates, Steve Sparks, posted a comment to yesterday's entry.  He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's at age 28, so I look forward to his wisdom and experience as I go through this.

Tomorrow, my Hokies have a slim chance of beating Wake Forest and moving the team to 5-2 on the year...I will be tuned into ESPNU tomorrow for the 3:30 kickoff.