Tuesday, October 12, 2010

12th - A Problem w/ Mr. Deets

Special thanks again today to Bridget Ruller for watching Cooper in the morning and taking him to school.

This morning was extremely disappointing.  After another night of "no food or drink after midnight", Stuart and I went to CMC-Mercy at 9:30 for my port placement.  I will say that Mercy has been nicely remodeled since we last visited in the 1990's.  Beyond that, I have nothing nice to say today.  As we were beginning to fill out paperwork with the registrar, an RN stuck her head in and said, "There is a problem with Mr. Deets".  Wait a second, I am Mr. Deets, can I participate in this conversation?  She went on to explain that some of the equipment used in the port placement had been down since the early morning.  A phone call would have been nice!

So, we proceeded upstairs, where a very uninspiring middle-aged nurse asked if I'd rather have a temporary "pick-line" installed instead.  What?  Is this a used car lot?  I did make a couple phone calls to see if we could pull a string to get things done, but without success.

The port placement will have to wait until tomorrow...at CMC-University...just so I get the full tour of the "B" level facilities.

Wow, that post was cathartic.

An artist's rendition of CMC-Mercy after ongoing renovations are complete.