Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22nd - Did I inhale?

My story started on a Wednesday afternoon, with a normal trip to the doctor's office.  As with many of you, I do not have a "primary care doctor" in the traditional sense, I usually just take my chances with whomever is available when I need to be seen.  Luckily for me in this case, I drew a wonderfully thorough gentleman, Brian P. Kersten, MD.  My chief complaint was a delicate matter and not very relevant to you, so I will leave it out.  As a secondary issue, I complained to Dr. Kersten of some chest tightness that had been bothering me for a couple weeks.  My hope was that the worst thing that it could be was a bad effect from my recent trip to Prague, CZ, where I rode in the front seat of an antique Praga Alfa car and inhaled fumes for hours during a tour.  Dr. Kersten ordered an EKG and an X-ray of my chest, which initially showed nothing noteworthy.

The pre-1940 Praga Alpha