Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28th - A second biospsy

Dr. Davis knew the bronchoscopy might not get enough tissue to provide a definitive diagnosis, so she referred me to Mark K. Reames Sr., MD, FACS, who could perform a mediastinoscopy to get a better tissue sample if necessary.  Mediastinoscopy is a surgery that allows doctors to view the middle of the chest cavity and to do minor surgery through very small incisions. It allows surgeons or pulmonary doctors to remove lymph nodes from between the lungs and to test them for cancer or infection.

Dr. Reames is the classic southern gentleman and I felt comfortable with him from the start.  Although I was anxious to get going and get to a diagnosis, he counseled me that having a procedure before the full pathology was back on from the bronchoscopy might be rash.

We spoke for a short while and then parted ways.  I was hoping that someone would call me and tell me this whole thing was a joke, but the reality was that I would see the fine Dr. Reames on Friday.