Wednesday, September 29, 2010

29th - Good news is bad news

Dr. Reames called this afternoon to tell me that the pathology department called and the tissue from Monday's bronchoscopy was "non-diagnostic".  Technically, it means that there were no malignant cells found, which I took as good news.  Those in the medical profession took it as a disappointment however, as they do not seem to want to call it quits without an adequate explanation for the golf ball sized lymph nodes in my chest.  Go figure.

At this point, I think everyone but me believes that I have Lymphoma.  My resolve has started to give way, so I decided it was time to see that Oncologist for a consultation.

Dr. Kersten recommended Mariealane B. Hellner, MD, who practices near my house and is supposed to be very good.  Stuart and I will go to her office in the morning.