Friday, September 24, 2010

24th - Time for a biopsy

I went into see Dr. Kersten this morning for the formal report out of the CT results.  Dr. Kersten walked my wife (Stuart) and me through the report and images, then told us that the next step was a biopsy, then a consultation with someone in Oncology (cancer doctor).

Later in the afternoon, we saw a pulmonologist named Juhayna K. Davis, MD for a consultation on the options available to obtain tissue for the biopsy.  Dr. Davis was fantastic, despite the fact that I told her she needed to have the picture on her website changed for the better.  I simply suggested that someone on the list of Charlotte's Top Doctors 2010 should have a glamour shot.  Back to the point, Dr. Davis recommended that I opt for a less invasive procedure first.  This procedure, called a bronchoscopy, is scheduled for 8 AM Monday morning.