Monday, November 22, 2010

22nd - John Larroquette...From a Distance

Thank you to the Kerrins' for bringing us an absolutely delicious pot roast over the weekend.  I will be enjoying the left-overs for days.  Thank you to Stuart's parents, Bill and Cathy, for coming down to keep us company and help out around the house.  Thank you to Shelley Typrin for the good-luck amber necklace.

Time has flown by over the last couple of weeks.  It is hard to believe that I am headed to see Dr. Frenette on Wednesday for my fourth treatment, which is the end of my second "cycle".  This one carries some additional significance, as it is protocol to follow the second cycle with a PET scan to check treatment progress.  The scan is not scheduled yet, but I suspect it will be next week at the hospital.  I am optimistic about it, but I would be lying if I did not admit to being nervous as hell.

As I mentioned in my last (very short) post, my third treatment went "fine".  I have come to expect a new experience (or more) each time I visit Dr. Frenette's office and this trip did not disappoint.  As I was sitting in the treatment chair waiting for my blood tests to come back, I found myself getting nauseous over just being there.  Apparently it is a pretty common phenomenon called "anticipatory nausea", which is when you get sick over the thought of something that has not even happened to you yet.  Next time, I will be taking the anti-nausea medication before I go into the office.  That said, the "hangover" from treatment was a little longer this time and I ranked the days following it as:

Friday: 5
Saturday: 3
Sunday: 4
Monday: 5
Tuesday: 6
Wednesday: 8 (fyi, I consider 8 "back to normal")

Since then, I have been feeling much better and my activity level has been pretty good.  I have done some work off and on from the house and have been walking regularly.  The walking is getting a little slower though, as I have developed tingling in both my feet.  Apparently, this "neuropathy" is a common side-effect of the Vinblastine (the "V", in ABVD), and there is not much you can do about it, other than stop that part of the treatment if it gets to be too much to handle.  I will certainly mention this to Dr. Frenette on Wednesday, but if history is any indication, he will not be impressed. 

During my last visit to Dr. Frenette, I complained of continuous pain in my groin, which I was afraid was lymph nodes acting up.  Rather than examining my groin, he carefully studied my neck...from his chair which was four feet away...and said I was fine.  Works for me.  Stuart has told me multiple times that Dr. Frenette reminds her of John Larroquette, of Night Court fame.  I can see it, from a distance, and his good sense of humor probably adds to the comparison.

Can you see the likeness?

Talk to you soon and Happy Thanksgiving!